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  • Sreyneang teaching

    Accomplishments and Self Reliance

    Confidence and self-reliance—these are the gifts Cambodia Scholars Program seeks to give disadvantaged youth.  We work with our youth to help them live lives as responsible young adults.  They are making great strides forward in their lives and we are very proud of them.  Here are some peeks at how this is working out for [...]

  • 01+Dump+Shot

    Reaching Out to Help Others

    The Cambodia Scholars all come from poverty. Every one of them has worked at a dump scene similar to the one above. Now they are on a track to productive lives, through training in education, life skills and networks. But they have not forgotten there are many others not so lucky. That is why they will [...]

  • thumb

    Expanding Students’ Ideas of the World and Themselves

    Mr. San To, an ESL teacher for the Cambodia Scholars, emphasizes student debates on current topics. Why is this such a big deal? Participating in a debate is unheard of for youth who started life picking up garbage at the Steung Meanchey Dump. It’s a training for their minds and a preparation for a different [...]

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